If you REALLY want to be entered in my drawing but need some help, here are 4 ways to refer someone to me that you may not have thought of…

  1. If you’ve had a good experience with The Bigoski Agnecy, give us a shout-out on your Facebook feed. You can tag our Facebook page which is www.facebook.com/thebigoskiagency.
  2. Erie Insurance and my agency specialize in business insurance for certain industries.  Think of people who do work on your home…plumber, electrician, Heating/Air Contractor, landscaper, etc…who is your absolute favorite?  This is a great referral for my agency…and Erie is a great option for their insurance needs.  Please feel free to introduce me to them and I will not let them (or you) down.
  3. Erie is also a great option for restaurants also.  If you know any local restaurant owners personally, an introduction would be much appreciated!
  4. People in the mortgage business are great contacts for me.  So if you introduce me to the person who did your mortgage (email introductions work), I’ll count that as a referral!

Of course, there’s always the traditional way to refer me by clicking HERE.