Windshield Claims: Chip or Crack?

One of the most common types of personal insurance claims is the windshield claim.  If you have driven on I-66 (or US 202 for my Philly readers), then you’ve probably been startled by a rock, pebble, or piece of small debris hitting your windshield at one point or another.  One of the things that some people don’t know is the claims process for fixing a windshield when it has a chip.  A lot of folks have told me that they have put off getting a chip in their windshield repaired because the repair cost was lower than their comprehensive deductible on their insurance.  NOTE:  Most insurance companies will waive your deductible for windshield repairs (repair normally costs the insurance company about $50).  If you wait until the chip turns into a full-fledged crack, then replacement is the only option and you most likely would be subject to your deductible.

CAUTION: Avoid using windshield services that are set up at gas stations.  Many know what they’re doing, but many do not.  Use the company that your insurance carrier sends you to first.  If you are an ERIE customer, the number for ERIEGlass is (800) 552-3743.  Email Tom